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What Should You Look For When Installing Industrial Blowers?

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What Should You Look For When Installing Industrial Blowers?


Blowers of many varieties are critical pieces of equipment in every industrial setting. Conveying systems, ventilation, cooling, aspiration, and exhaust systems, among others, use industrial blowers in activities and applications that require the movement of gas or air. Because industrial blowers help to create safe working conditions by increasing airflow, it is best to install them with the help of a professional.

Improper installation might cause electric shock, injury from moving parts, and other possible problems. It is, nevertheless, recommended that you get installation assistance from the Best Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer.

Here is a list of key items to look for while installing industrial blowers.

Double Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Ring Blower


When installing industrial blowers, proper planning is required. To ensure proper planning,

Examine all design and installation papers, including fire and explosive protection standards, minimum hood and duct velocities.

Examine the operating circumstances and double-check the positions of test ports, dampers, balancing valves, and fittings.

Check the Ventilation System design to confirm that all access doors are closed and that any duct interferences have been identified and eliminated.

Examine the blower, motor, and drive system's operational requirements.

The fan installation location is finished and ready to receive the blower when it arrives.

Cranes, tools, and other installation equipment are available.

Examine whether adequately trained staff are available and ready to operate the blower.

Prepare and distribute an installation and start-up evaluation procedure to all plant personnel. Such processes must be undertaken in order to ensure that the system is correctly balanced prior to startup.


When you receive your blower, make sure to thoroughly inspect it for shortages or damage. Examine the blower for dents, scrapes, bent shafts, damaged pieces, and so forth.  Check documentation against items received to ensure right products and amount. Check that all parts are there, correctly assembled, and functional.


It is critical to lift/carry the blower according to the instructions. The blower's components must be moved with extreme caution, as even minor damage to any portion can disrupt the device's operation.


Position the blowers on a flat surface. The blower room's entrance must be large enough to handle both the Blower package and the equipment used to move it. The base (where the blower will be positioned) should be heavy enough to endure normal vibration.

Place the blower away from the wall so that the cooling air flow is not blocked. The blower should be grounded appropriately.

While it is preferable to install the blowers indoors, if they must be installed outdoors, they must be protected from inclement weather.

Plan and ventilate the blower room properly to ensure optimal equipment efficiency and durability. Exhaust ventilation fans can be installed to give appropriate ventilation to the blower room.

Protecting blowers from dust and filth increases their life.

Any nearby vibration must be insulated from the blower.

Electrical Power:

Check that your electrical service voltage matches the voltage on the blower nameplate before installing it. For adequate voltage, the blower must be internally wired. Hire a skilled electrician to do all wiring and electrical connection work in compliance with established requirements.


Even if the fan passed the manufacturing test, precautions must be taken before turning it on. Before turning on the fan, make sure that all of the safety accessories are in place. Never exceed the maximum RPM specified for the blower, taking into account speed de-rating factors such as temperature and construction materials.

Think about checking

Check all of the electrical connections and the voltage as well.

Component alignment of the blower.

All drive and inlet/outlet guards are appropriately placed.

Whether or whether the bearings have been greased. Check that the coupler, if provided, is lubricated.

An industrial blower must be installed by a fan professional. Finding an Experienced Manufacturer is thus critical in order to obtain an appropriate Air Cleaning System, and UDCI remains one of India's most dependable Industrial blower manufacturers. 


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Dongguan Ruijing Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers, and exporters of high pressure air blowers, high air flow & pressure centrifugal blowers, air knives, etc. in China.



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