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The development of the side channel blower

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The development of the side channel blower

Are you familiar with the side channel blower? The demand for blowers in industrial production is rising as industry continues to develop. Blowers are used in a variety of sectors, including sewage treatment in factories, leather cutting, and so on. And this phenomena has a propensity to persist. One of them is the side channel blower, so understanding it will be really beneficial.

1. Application scope

The negative pressure pneumatic conveying system (also known as the negative pressure air conveying system) is ideal for the side channel blower. With the negative pressure airflow, the vacuum formed by the side channel air blower (or the side channel air pump) suckers the bulk granular material. It is delivered to the specified container (silo), and the vacuum suction type pneumatic conveying device is a core negative pressure collection system that is particularly appropriate for systems with short distances, high material temperatures, and multi-point discharge.

Industrial vacuum cleaners, paper cutters, cigarette filter molding machines, plating tank agitation, atomization dryers, water treatment aeration, screen printing machines, picture platesetters, and injection molding machines are further examples of uses. Materials, dryers, liquid filling machines, electric welding equipment, film machinery, paper transportation, cleaning, air dust removal, dry bottles, gas transmission, feeding, aquaculture, wastewater treatment, aeration and gas explosion, industrial vacuuming, photoengraving, powder and granule transport, construction site, and other aspects.

2. Operating principle

The impeller is fully contactless and is installed directly on the rotor of the motor. Because the pump shaft is situated outside the compression chamber, the machine maintains optimal operational dependability even while running at maximum differential pressure.

The suction port draws in the gas, and when it reaches the side channel, the rotary impeller provides the gas a speed in the direction of rotation. At the same time, the centrifugal force on the blades causes the gas to accelerate outward and the pressure to rise. As the rotation continues, the kinetic energy of the gas rises, increasing the gas pressure along the side channels. As the side channels narrow near the outlet, the gas is driven out of the vanes and exits the pump body via the outlet muffler.

3. Use Caution

1) Maintenance and upkeep of the blower operation procedure

Every hour, while the side channel blower is working, the equipment running status should be verified and documented. If there is a significant disparity between the current and past records, the reason of the difference should be identified and necessary steps made to eradicate it. Pay special attention to equipment running stability, bearing housing oil seal, and bearing temperature.

2) To provide a clean usage environment, regulate the ambient temperature when using the blower.

Because of the narrow blower clearance, dust and sludge tend to attach to the impeller over a long period of operation, increasing the friction between the impellers. This scenario not only damages the impeller but also narrows the distance between the gears. A huge noise is produced as the friction between the impellers increases. As a result, the air medium must be delivered with a dust concentration of 100 mg/m 3. At the same time, it is critical to change the filter cloth at the blower input on a regular basis.

4. Conclusion

As mentioned above, the so-called side channel blower is also only one form of blower, and the side channel blower has the advantage of high work efficiency. At the same time, it should be noted that when using the side channel blower, it is necessary to pay attention to the above. After all, the service life and use efficiency of the machine depend on the user's operation mode.

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