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The procedure for utilizing a ring blower

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The procedure for utilizing a ring blower

The industry is always developing as society develops, and the demand for machinery is growing. Ring blowers were designed and widely used to adapt to the industrial regulation of demand for pneumatic components. It is critical to understand how to utilize the ring blower. This page will explain how to use a ring blower and provide associated information.

1. Operating principle

The ring blower is made up of a ballast impeller that is directly placed to the motor shaft and revolves at a high speed of roughly 2880 RPM. On the impeller's perimeter, there are several radial vanes. With one channel on each side of the blade, the impeller is placed between the two end plates.

A low pressure area is formed to pull in air or other gases as the ballast impeller rotates and the vanes pass through the intake tube. The impeller blades use centrifugal force to propel air forth and forward, down the curve of the side trough, and back to the bottom or root of the impeller. This movement was repeated several times, resulting in the formation of a whirlpool. Each "regeneration" drives the air into a part of the housing, where it is stripped from the impeller and expelled through the ring blower.

2. Application scope

The ring blower is a type of ventilation source that can both blow and sucking. It is primarily employed in the following applications: paper cutter, woodworking machinery, coil filter forming machine, plating tank stirring, atomizing dryer, fish aeration, and water treatment. Explosion gas, screen printing machine, photo plate making machine, automatic feeding machine, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, electric welding equipment, film machinery, sewage treatment, dry cleaning clothes cleaning, air dust removal, dry bottles, gas transmission, feeding, collecting, and so forth;

3. Making use of the operating technique

1) The ring blower should be situated in a sufficiently stable location, with the surrounding environment

The surroundings must be clean, dry, and well-ventilated.

2) The direction of rotation of the ring blower impeller must be the same as the direction

of the arrow on the fan casing.

3) When using the ring blower, the operating pressure should not exceed 8kpa.

To avoid the air pump overheating and the motor overcurrent from damaging the air pump.

4) Aside from the two bearings on the motor's rotor, the ring blower has no direct bearings.

There is contact friction. The air pump bearing installation technique is primarily separated into two kinds. The first type of air pump end bearings are inserted in the pump body between the motor base and the impeller. This type of gas pump does not require lubrication.

The bearing of the second air pump end is positioned in the center of the pump cover, and it does not need to be greased on a regular basis. Unlike many other comparable product maintenance requirements, the number of refuelings of three consecutive air pumps should be increased once a month. Our items are more practical.This product contains a filter at the entry and does not require routine cleaning. It is advisable to use an external filter if there is a lot of dust in the area. To safeguard the ring blower and increase its usable life.

5) The ring blower's intake and outflow must be connected by an outside connection.

hose (for example, a rubber tube or a plastic spring tube).

6) Replacement of the ring blower bearing: The bearing must be replaced.

conducted by someone acquainted with the repair job. Loosen the screws on the pump cover and then remove the pieces in the sequence described, one by one. Clean and reassemble the removed pieces in reverse order.To avoid altering the regulator's gap, the impeller should not be toughened, the particular pull-tab should be used, and the adjusting gasket should not be removed while dismantling.

7) The ring blower keeps solid, liquid, and corrosive gases out of the pump body.

4. Finally

The information above describes how the ring blower works. Recognize this in order to make the ring blower the most crucial part of our business. It also extends its life and saves us money.

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