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Home » News » What Is The Reason That The Regenerative Blower Is Too Small?

What Is The Reason That The Regenerative Blower Is Too Small?

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Regenerative blower is a volumetric Regenerative blower, impeller end face, Regenerative blower front and rear end caps. The principle is a rotary compressor that uses two leaf rotors to move relative to each other in the cylinder to compress and deliver gas. The drum Regenerative blower is simple in structure and convenient to manufacture. It is widely used in aquaculture aeration, sewage treatment aeration, cement transportation, and is more suitable for gas delivery and pressurization systems in low pressure applications, and can also be used as a vacuum pump.

The most fundamental reason for determining the Regenerative blower pressure and air volume is the motor power and Regenerative blower revolution. The higher the motor power, the greater the Regenerative blower pressure. The higher the Regenerative blower spindle revolution, the larger the air volume.

If the same Regenerative blower, Regenerative blower pressure indicates that the number becomes larger, the air volume becomes smaller, indicating that the load inside the pipeline is large. In this case, if the pressure on the Regenerative blower nameplate is not exceeded, it is normal. If it is exceeded, be careful. Carefully check the pipeline and the suction muffler for blockage, whether there is overload operation, whether there is a one-way valve installation phenomenon, etc. If the rated pressure is exceeded for a long time, the motor current will exceed the standard, which may cause damage to the line or motor.

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