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SCB Energy-saving Air Knife Drying System

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SCB Energy-saving Air Knife Drying System

Energy-saving air knife drying system has more than 60% energy saving, drying efficiency increases 2~3 times.

The air knife adopts stainless steel(304/316), aluminum alloy material and patented design manufacturing process, it has the ability of high temperature resistance, the drying efficiency is doubled.

The most welcomed application industry has: wine beverage coding/labeling/heat shrinkage after drying, electroplating, electrophoresis, coating drying, food bagged packaging drying etc...

Stainless steel precision air knife is widely used in circuit boards, electroplated parts, film drying......
Such as cleaning, water drying, but also can be used in isolation of the air curtain.

Especially suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, glass washing machine, circuit board, electroplated parts, film, coating, gold plate/wire production and other industries in a variety of processes in the dewatering drying.

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