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Main Function Of Air Drying System

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In recent years, with the increasing pollution of urban environment, people are paying more and more attention to the degree of air pollution. The requirements for air quality are gradually increasing. How can we breathe the clean air of nature in a polluted urban environment? A problem that has been plaguing people for a long time. The emergence of the air drying system is a good help for people to solve this problem. For the air drying system, you may still be unfamiliar. Now let's take a look at what the air drying system has.

The first type of air drying system is to use fresh outdoor air to renew the air polluted by the living and living processes to maintain the indoor air cleanliness to a certain minimum standard.

The second air drying system function is to increase heat dissipation in the body and prevent discomfort caused by skin moisture. Such ventilation can be called thermal comfort ventilation.

The third air drying system function is to cool the building components when the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature. This type of ventilation is called the building's cooling and ventilation.

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