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Industrial High-pressure Side-channel Ring Vortex Blowers

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Industrial High-pressure Side-channel Ring Vortex Blowers

Ring blowers, also known as Side Channel Blowers or Vortex Blowers, are appropriate for any application that requires the movement of air, water, gas, or materials (under vacuum or at high pressure). Using them to aid in industrial activities such as water treatment systems or sewage aeration, dust and smoke removal, vacuum systems, vacuum lifting and packaging, printing equipment, aquaculture/pond aeration, and soil vapor extraction, among others.

Industries offers three varieties of ring blowers:

single stage, double stage, three stage, and multistage, with single phase and three-phase motors. Normally, the blower is chosen based on the user's application.

Ring blowers have several significant advantages, including ease of installation, ease of use, long life, and minimal maintenance costs. Furthermore, ring blowers are far less expensive than centrifugal fans / blowers.

Water Treatment Ring Blower TH 840 H27

The functioning principle of ring blowers is explained here.

Ring blower impellers are made up of numerous blades and resemble a large gas turbine impeller.

Due to centrifugal force, when the impeller rotates, the gas is propelled forward at a high rate. As a result, the high-pressure blower will create a series of spiral movements. The air between the impeller blades spirals and squeezes the gas outside the pump body into the side channel (inhaled through the suction port). When gas or air enters the side channel, it is compressed and sent back to the impeller blades. The rotation is then accelerated.

The air flows through the impeller and the side channel in a spiral track, with each impeller blade increasing compression and speed. As the rotation continues, the kinetic energy of the gas increases, increasing the pressure of the gas going through the side channel. When the air reaches the connecting point between the side channel and the discharge flange, the gas is pushed out of the blade and the pump body with high pressure and high speed through the outlet to the final destination.

The manner in which blowers are used

The current utilized by the motor during the operation of high-pressure ring blowers increases as pressure and vacuum increase. The contactor will trip if the current is too high. Please expand the cross-sectional area of the air outlet as much as feasible to avoid tripping or to save power. Install an adjustable air pressure and volume valve on the suction or exhaust side.

A. In order to maintain air supply, proper filters should be installed at the entry.

1. The entire cross-sectional area of the air outlet should be greater than half of that of the fan outlet.

2. When used for air supply in water, the water depth pressure should be less than 70% of the maximum static pressure value shown on the model catalog.

3. When delivering air under pressure, the output temperature is typical due to an air friction relationship larger than 10 degrees Celsius at room temperature. As a result, a 1M iron tube should be installed.

B. Suction-silencers should be installed at the exit. Furthermore, the entire cross-sectional size of the suction hole should be greater than half that of the blower inlet.

C. Simple filter cleaning method: Remove the filter adapter and clean the filter with an air spray gun or brush. Return it to use after cleaning.

Blowers and centrifugal fans

Blowers and centrifugal fans for industrial use

When clients search for fans and blowers for industrial purposes, many are unsure if they are centrifugal or axial. Typically, centrifugal ventilation fans and blowers are classified as centrifugal fans or axial fans. The distinction between these two types of ventilation fans is that centrifugal fans have a lower flow rate than axial fans. However, the pressure is higher, and the impeller structure is different.

Centrifugal impeller blade types and characteristics

There are three types of centrifugal fan impellers:

1. front impeller - The pressure obtained by the front impeller is greater when the angle of the centrifugal impeller is greater than 90o.

2. And radial impeller - the angle of the centrifugal impeller is 90o. The radial impeller provides high ventilation pressure while delivering modest flow.

3. Backward impeller fans have a higher efficiency and a wider variety of applications since the impeller blade angle is less than 90o.

Centrifugal fans for industrial use

Centrifugal fans for industrial use

Centrifugal fan and blower selection

We may categorize centrifugal fans based on their purpose, such as induced draft fan, textile fan, fire smoke exhaust fan, and so on. 

They are  centrifugal fans:

1. General centrifugal fans - used for ventilation in general.

2. Mine centrifugal fans - for use in mine ventilation.

3. Explosion-proof centrifugal ventilator - for ventilation and air exchange where flammable substances are present.

4. Centrifugal boiler fan - for boiler ventilation.

5. Fan for boiler induced draft- to be used for boiler induced draft.

6. Air-conditioning fan- used for ventilation to raise the temperature.

The centrifugal fan's structure is a transmission form. They are classified into three types: 1 Direct motor connection-the fan impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft. 2. the belt (A, the belt is installed in the two bearings; B, the belt cantilever is installed on one end of the shaft, and the impeller cantilever is installed on the other end of the shaft; C, the belt cantilever is installed, and the impeller is installed between the two bearings). 3. Install a shaft-impeller cantilever between the two shafts.


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Dongguan Ruijing Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers, and exporters of high pressure air blowers, high air flow & pressure centrifugal blowers, air knives, etc. in China.



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