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Boiler Through Ring Blower Structure

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The passages produced by the induced draft fan are composed of impellers, casings and other components. The bearing housing is a one-piece structure, the oil is lubricated and cooled, the cantilevered support, the pulley and the coupling are on the outside of the bearing. The ring blower uses a C or D drive; the ring blower uses an A drive for easy maintenance.

The ring blower should be fitted with an adjustment door. If the user needs to adjust the door, I can ask the factory to make an order separately.

The ring blower's impeller adopts a backward-inclined arc blade. The wheel cover is a combination of an arc-conical surface and a streamlined air inlet. All of the ring blowers have aerodynamic performance, are not easy to accumulate dust, low noise, and geometrical dimensions. Accurate, stable quality and other advantages.

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