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Air Knife Drying Systems For Metal Processing

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Air Knife Drying Systems For Metal Processing


Don't let old inefficient dryers stymie your sheet steel, aluminum, zinc, and other metal manufacturing. Old and poorly configured drying systems can and can have an influence on quality and energy costs, particularly if compressed air is still used - a self-inflicted air leak that costs a fortune (despite being theoretically 'free').

Poor-quality dryers that have not kept up with growing line speeds can have a disastrous effect on product quality and consistency. They can have a negative impact on your electronic inspections, which are critical in assuring quality.

However, because the investment cycle for new stands is so extensive, too many rolling mills are jeopardized by poor quality air drying systems. Many steel manufacturers make the error of deferring a review of their air dryers until their next refit, rather than taking prompt measures that might enhance quality, increase output, cut energy expenses, and provide a solid return on investment.

Moisture is a threat to vision-based metal surface inspection devices. Steam or water will affect their performance if they are not protected by the proper drying mechanisms.

Water/coolant spray, oil droplets, and steam clouds can all have an impact on defect-detection systems above and below the line. As the vision systems scan for flaws, scars, cracks, and other faults, this might lead to false positives.

Custom-designed air knives and axial fans form air barriers to protect your vision systems from contamination, which can damage accuracy, compromise sheet metal quality, and limit productivity.

These air dryers work with your existing systems to recycle and reuse as much water/coolant as possible, preserving resources for maximum efficiency.

Package Of SS Air Knife For Thailand In Friday


During every clean-up stage, precise, and effective drying is critical. Moisture cannot be permitted to dilute pickling, galvanising, painting, or other treatments.

Chevron air knives are the most efficient way because they cut through surface moisture like a snowplough, reducing the distance that water droplets must travel by half. This expedites drying, saves energy, and allows for faster line speeds.

Straight-edge air knives are only advised for lines with a 1 metre broad strip. Chevron air knives are required for strips that are longer than one metre.

View our comprehensive guide to learn more about air knife systems and technologies.

You will discover details about:

How air knives are 90% less expensive than compressed air systems while also being quieter, cleaner, and safer.

air knives' ROI, productivity, quality, and operational advantages

alternatives for materials, structure, and nozzles

way we learn your specific needs before offering a detailed quote

Standard ACI air knife technical drawings (custom designs are also available)

Nozzles for reciprocating air (with technical drawings)

De-ionisation air knives powered by a blower (and how they function)

Acoustic enclosures and frameworks for support

ducting modules and flexible hose

complete conveyor systems with built-in air knives

Drying systems for cables and wires (with technical drawings)

Spiral drum dryers for small/light components (technical drawings included).


Air knives designed specifically for rolling mills differ greatly from those used in other industries such as food manufacturing or canning/bottling.

Air drying systems for rolling mills are always customized. Fans, blowers, ducting, and manifolds are often tried-and-true standard components, with all of the known performance and cost advantages that come with specifying off-the-shelf equipment.

However, air knives are virtually usually custom-made. This is due to the fact that designing drying solutions for rolling mills involves so many variables: no two are alike. These variables may include the following:

The line speed is determined by the width of the metal sheet being rolled.

sheet metal temperature - moisture can accumulate on a gas barrier when the metal is very heated.

the state of the services between the stands - and whether or not they are leaking oil

the cooling system's performance - and whether it is over-delivering water/coolant

Cold rolling operations like as etching, painting, and other treatments are more efficient.

Trimming burrs can have an impact on drying performance. Burrs trap moisture, making it more difficult to dry the metal sheet.

A rolling mill's drying system must be exceedingly durable. It must survive difficult and hazardous working circumstances, including 'coil ups'. As a result, rolling mill air knives have protective gussets. They can also be installed on chains to reduce the force of being struck by metal coils.


Few rolling mills still dry sheet metal with compressed air. Far from being the ‘free fourth utility’, compressed air is very expensive and inefficient. It also poses much greater health and safety hazards.

However, our engineers still come across the occasional compressed air system, mainly on rolling mill lines with a diameter of less than 500 mm. Or if the buyer attempted a do-it-yourself remedy to an urgent drying problem.

Replacing your outdated compressed air drier with a good air knife system is a great way to save money. Guaranteed. It's an obvious choice.

Contrast advanced ACI blower-driven air knives with expensive compressed air.

Decades of expertise supplying bespoke air drying systems to rolling mills have demonstrated the need of testing. This includes the following:

In our laboratory, we will scale test your new system.

loaning you demo equipment so you can test it on-site to demonstrate the technology's functionality

Finalizing the system to ensure peak performance.

Air knives are a tried and true option for drying profiles.

Once any coolant and/or oil has been wiped off the surface, fast, efficient air knives dry the profile. They can also dry quenched extruded profiles to establish their shape.

Tube drying - Ring air knives are a common technique for drying tubes following coolant/lubricant removal. However, depending on the diameter of the tube, we have employed various varieties on occasion.

Air knives are a rapid and efficient means to dry metal bars after removing coolant/lubricant.

Shot blasting and peening - specify air knives and nozzles to remove shot and debris from the material's surface.

Air knives blast away water left on the surface of the sheet/product after water jet cutting. After the cutting, air knives and nozzles can be employed to create intricate shapes.

Air knives and nozzles are utilized in two main applications for rolled steel joists (RSJs)/I-beams/universal beams:

- after shot blasting/peening

- to eliminate swarf from machining operations.

Use ACI's clean air solutions to solve your metal processing problems, increasing quality and reducing costs.


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Dongguan Ruijing Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers, and exporters of high pressure air blowers, high air flow & pressure centrifugal blowers, air knives, etc. in China.



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