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Introduction To Centrifugal Blower

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Fruit Drying Line High Air Flow Drying Centrifugal Blower (3)

The way a centrifugal blower transports gas is through the rotation of the impeller. The gas is sucked in from the axial direction, accelerated along the radial blades, and finally discharged along the tangential direction of the impeller, thereby generating airflow.

The pressure generated by the centrifugal blower must overcome the resistance of accessories installed at the exhaust port (such as connecting fittings, pipes, filters, and other accessories).

When the gas flow rate increases, the pressure generated will decrease. The performance of the centrifugal blower depends on the design and size.

Air Knifes Drying Blower (2)

A centrifugal blower draws air axially (parallel) to the drive shaft and blows the air out by rotating a radial impeller. Without a casing, a radial fan blows air radially away from the impeller.

Our Ruijing brand blowers have independent design concepts and complete production lines. It is built based on common brands such as Elektror centrifugal blower, Gardner Denver, Elmo Riestchle, and so on.

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