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Aluminum alloy air knife characteristics and applications

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Aluminum alloy air knife characteristics and applications

There are many applications for aluminum alloy air knives in the industrial field, such as blowing dust and water on the plane of steel plate, aluminum alloy profiles, blowing water on the surface of beverage bottles, packaging cans, and other bottles, blowing away impurities on the surface of the product dust, residual liquid, water on the outer packaging, and conveyor belt cleaning. The aluminum alloy air knife is best suited for these tasks when compressed air is available. What are the properties and uses of an aluminum alloy air knife?

Aluminum alloy air knife characteristics and applications:

1. The structure is designed in such a way that the air resistance is low, the air speed is consistent, and the accuracy may reach 5%.

2. Can endure high air speeds of 200m/s, temperatures of 250°C, and pressures of 2kGF/cm2.

3. Stainless steel 304 body, extruded aluminum alloy 6061 blade, precise manufacturing, strong air, energy saving, practical and dependable qualities.

4. Encourages the employment of eddy current fans and centrifugal fans, as well as flexible and convenient application.

5. The air knife's air exit width may be changed to 0.1mm (precision up to 0.1mm).The blade size may be modified to meet the needs of the client, and the length can exceed 6m.

6. A range of air intake sizes and locations are available; screw or pagoda air inlets may be selected to match the needs of screw or hose connection, and installation is simple.

7. The air knife is paired with a hot air fan, allowing for hot air drying and hot air quick drying while eliminating the need of ovens and other high-investment, high-energy-consumption drying methods.

The air knife is composed of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy air knife is electroplated throughout the production process, giving it a substantially longer service life than other similar goods.

9. Air knife goods are packaged in hardwood boxes and come with a one-year warranty and everlasting maintenance.

10. The air knife can drain 40 times the ambient air, and the gas consumption is only 1/5 of the traditional air blowing pipe;

11. "Full air flow" design, that is, the width of the air knife is exactly the same as the width of the air curtain blown by the air knife. There are installation and connection screw holes on the back of the air knife, which can be combined with the required length as required;

12. There are no wear parts inside the air knife, the internal gasket is made of stainless steel, the service life is more than 10 years;

Features and application of aluminum alloy air knife:

Aluminum alloy air blades provide strong air curtains for a wide range of blowing and cooling applications, including:

1. Electronic industry: swiftly dry electronic circuit board prior to assembly.

2, Chemical industry: surface chemical compounds or water blowing before labeling or packing.

3. Beverage canning and bottling: before labeling, inkjet printing, or packing, the bottle mouth or bottle body moisture and attachment must be blown off.

4, Automotive industry: used to blow off more water, coolant, dust, debris, and so on throughout the production process, as well as steel plate painting before blowing cooling, drying, and dust.

5, Rubber and plastic industry: blow off the dust or debris on the surface of the product. Dry before extrusion or injection. The product is cooled after injection forming.

6, Food and medicine: before manufacturing or packaging, the water and attachment to blow off, or bag before opening and bag dust.

7, Metal industry: blowing coolant or other liquid from the metal surface. Purge mill emulsion. Dry or cool the surface before polishing, electroplating and painting.

8, Printing (inkjet) :inkjet, dust, debris, water vapor blowing before printing, or used in rapid drying ink.

Common technical parameters of aluminum alloy air knife:

Rapid water removal, air speed: 70~120m/s width of air outlet: 1~1.5mm

In addition to water, air speed: 50~80m/s Width of the air outlet: 1~1.5mm

Water-based coating dry, air speed: 40m/s width of air outlet: 5mm

Steam sterilization, air speed: 70~150m/s Width of air outlet: 0.3mm

Hot air drying, air speed

Hot air rapid drying, air speed: 60~80mm/s width of air outlet: 2~5mm temperature: 150℃~250℃

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