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How do you use an air knife with a high-pressure fan?

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How do you use an air knife with a high-pressure fan?

Use an air knife with a high-pressure fan

A substantial portion of the air knife is achieved by using a high pressure fan, which is frequently employed in the industry. The air knife itself does not have a blow drying function; it is achieved by external pressure. However, as the industry leader in high-pressure fans, high-pressure fans are inherently the ideal equipment for air knife support. The little editor has written the following for everyone to introduce the usage of air knife supporting high-pressure fans:

Air knife is truly high pressure fan air entering the air knife, with just 0.05 mm thickness airflow sheet fast speed blow out.

This thin air curtain can be up to 30-40 times the ambient air due to the Coanada effect principle and the particular shape of the wind blade, resulting in a thin, high-strength, atmospheric-current impact wind curtain. The functioning method of an air knife is split into two categories: regular air knife and super air knife. A normal air knife's wind curtain deflects 90 degrees after blowing, whereas a super air knife's wind curtain horizontally blows out.

The use of an air knife with a high-pressure fan may accomplish a wide range of hairdryer water removal, hairdryer dust removal, and other applications, such as blowing off steel plates, aluminum alloy profiles, and other surface dust, moisture, and debris. Blowing away water on the surface of beverages bottles, cans, and so on, as well as blowing away impurity dust on product surfaces, residue, moisture on exterior packaging, and conveyor belt cleaning.

The use of an air knife in the ultrasonic industry

Air knives can be used in surgery for cutting and removal procedures. It provides high precision cutting of tissues because to its high frequency vibration and exact control, lowering the danger of bleeding and injury to adjacent structures.

Air knives can be used in ocular surgery for corneal cleavage, ultrasonic emulsification in cataract surgery, and tissue cleavage in glaucoma surgery.

Manufacturing: In the manufacturing business, air knives are used to cut and treat materials. It may be used to cut flexible materials like fabrics, rubber, and plastics, as well as hard materials like metals and ceramics. Because of its non-contact and minimal thermal impacts, ultrasonic cutting is commonly utilized in precision machining to minimize material deformation or heat damage.

Food processing: Air knives can be used for cutting, splitting and shredding operations during food processing. For example, you can use wind knives to cut foods such as bread, cakes, and cheese for quick, precise cutting and to maintain the shape and quality of your food.

Biotechnology: In biotechnology research, air knives can be used for the cutting and separation of cells and tissues. Ultrasonic cutting is widely used in biology, medical research and laboratory applications because it allows contactless operation at the cellular and tissue levels without causing serious damage or disturbance to biological samples.

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