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Difference Between Turbo Blower and Centrifugal Blower

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Difference Between Turbo Blower and Centrifugal Blower

First, Let’s look at some of the same points between them.

Turbo blower and Centrifugal blower both belong to the blower category.

They both generate flow and pressure through the rotor shaft that comes to the impeller from the electric motor.

They are both employed in industrial applications and, in particular, are beneficial to environmental protection. For example, they can improve the drying speed and efficiency of the industry, and they can be used to clean wastewater (sewage).

Gas enters the impeller from the axial direction in a single-stage centrifugal blower and transitions to the radial direction as it passes through the impeller. The gas changes direction in the diffuser, and the cross-sectional area of the pipe rises to slow the gas flow. This action of deceleration transfers kinetic energy into pressure energy. The impeller is the major source of pressure.

A reflux device is used in a multi-stage centrifugal blower to direct airflow into the next impeller, creating increased pressure.

The operation of a turbo blower

A turbo blower differs from a centrifugal blower in that the impeller is made up of hundreds of blades, comparable to the impeller of a large gas turbine. The air between the impeller blades is subjected to centrifugal force and flows to the impeller's edge, where it enters the annular cavity of the pump body and recirculates back to the blade's beginning position. The circulating airflow created by the impeller's movement also provides the air pump with a tremendous amount of energy for utilization.

Centrifugal blower's character

Without particular accuracy correction, the flow pump casing generated by the centrifugal blower will be quite big, and the processing accuracy will be relatively rough. Its structure is pretty basic, and the volume is relatively huge, such as the regularly used 10-20 centrifugal fan. Furthermore, it may be widely employed for transporting materials, air, and other non-self-igniting gases. Despite the comparatively low pressure, the flow rate is nevertheless quite high, ranging between tens of mbar and hundreds of mbar, with thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of flows.

Turbo blower’s character

Its processing accuracy is extremely precise, and its dynamic balance can reach below 0.02g. The pressure of this fan is very high, reaching 1000 mbar, which is usually several times the pressure of a centrifugal blower, but the flow rate is very small, which is smaller than that of a centrifugal fan. The fan is also several times smaller, and the research and development process is improved at the expense of flow.

Finally, turbo blowers are often used for supporting various equipment, while centrifugal fans are often used for air transportation and air circulation. This is the most direct, simple, and clear difference.Blowers based on the dynamic motion of the air stream inside the blower housing as it turns in a spiraling effect.

The impellers of the air blower are positioned directly on the motor shaft enabling frictionless noncontact compression. The positioning of the bearings outside the compression chamber ensures maximum operating dependability even at high differential pressure.

These blowers work according to compressor rules rather than fan regulations. The power consumption (or effort) generated by fan laws is proportional to the volume or weight of the air/gas that must be pushed. Higher volumes result in increased workload and increased power consumption.

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