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Centrifugal Fan Anti-wear Technique at a Low Cost

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Centrifugal Fan Anti-wear Technique at a Low Cost

The function of Low Price Centrifugal Fan in industrial production is critical, however in a complex working environment, abrasion due to smoke and dust in the cyclone is unavoidable. So, what are the Low Price Centrifugal Fan's anti-wear measures? For a clear understanding, let us follow the customized Slurry Pumps for Alumina process from China editor!

1.Resolve the blade's surface:

On the surface of the blade, nitriding, low-temperature plasma spray welding, painting cemented carbide tools, and adhering ceramic plates can be performed. This approach may raise the strength of the blade surface to a certain level, hence strengthening the blade's wear resistance, but there are varied degrees of difficulty in various process treatments, and it is not simple to operate, or the high price components decrease the blade's development. The solution's feasibility examination.

2. Centrifugal fan surface wear-resistant coating

This kind of method is more recommended, it is easy to operate in practice, and the cost is not high, but the coating wears quickly, and it takes about 3-5 months to start the surface wear-resistant coating again.

3.Improve the blade structure:

It can reduce the wear according to the update and transformation of the blade structure, such as processing the blade table surface into a sawtooth shape, changing the hollow blade into a solid core blade, and adding welding anti-wear blocks to the blade.

4.External wear-resistant cascade:

After the wear-resistant cascade is installed in the easily worn area, it can block the fluidity of the particles at the front disc and the root of the blade, and then convert the concentrated wear of the particles into symmetrical wear, which improves the performance of the centrifugal impeller. Wear resistance, increase the service life of Low price Centrifugal Fan.

5.Application of dust removal device:

The smoke and dust in the Low price Centrifugal Fan software environment will also aggravate its wear. It is recommended to use a dust removal device to purify the office environment to reduce the wear of the Low Price Centrifugal Fan.

The above is the customized Slurry Pumps for Alumina process from China editor introducing the anti-wear method of Low price Centrifugal Fan, I hope you can learn more about it.

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