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Cause The Air Knife System To Malfunction

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The air knife system's G, Y6-41 boiler centrifugal pass and air knife system are designed for 0.5t/h~10t/h industrial boilers with various coal qualities and equipped with dust elimination devices. The new series of low-noise air knife system with pressure efficiency higher than 80% can be used if the air intake conditions are equivalent and the performance is the same. The following is a detailed explanation of the air knife system failure, pay attention to the air knife system vibration.

(1) The air knife system axis is not parallel to the motor shaft, and the pulley is misaligned.

(2) The casing or air inlet is rubbed against the impeller.

(3) The rigidity of the basic air knife system is insufficient or not strong.

(4) The impeller rivet is loose or the impeller is deformed.

(5) The impeller shaft hole and the shaft fit loosely.

(6) The blade has ash, dirt, wear, corrosion or shaft bending to make the rotor unbalanced.

(7) Air knife system import and export pipelines are poorly installed and generate resonance.

(8) The connecting bolts such as the casing and the bracket, the bearing housing and the bracket, the bearing housing and the bearing cover are loose.

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