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An examination of the air knife blowing solution used in industry

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An examination of the air knife blowing solution used in industry

On the filling product production line, the exterior surface of product packaging (such as wine, soda, etc.) should be pasted with labels, inkjet texts, or boxes. To obtain better outcomes, the surface of the packing bottle must dry. The packing bottle is now used to dry or blow off in real production.

In manufacturing

Drying is often done using a mix of drying and hot oven drying. The brush in the bottle brush device is primarily used to spin the bottle wall water droplets.

Because of the use of contact treatment, the impact of brushing the bottle is strongly tied to the look of the bottle. The brush of the revolving body (such as cylindrical) is good, but the surface of the non-spinning bottle and other foreign bottle cannot be exposed to the bristles.

Even after brushing the bottle, a water film remains on the exterior wall of this section. Furthermore, the brush easily accumulates dirt during usage, which may be transmitted to the bottle's outside wall and compromise the package quality. The drying structure is simple and comprehensive, but its heat power is considerable, the working temperature is high, and regional isolation is necessary during automatic production lines.

When drying

The water must be entirely evaporated over an extended period of time. It is not ideal for high-yield online manufacturing, and when the transmission system, such as a stuck bottle or a pour bottle, becomes clogged, the packaging bottle remains in the oven for an excessively long period of time, which may result in an explosive bottle.

Furthermore, the product's surface must meet greater cleaning standards. It is often not possible to utilize the drying procedure after washing and rinsing. This is due to the fact that not only must the surface of the packing bottle be dried, but also the product surface and rinse water causes must be addressed. Water stains with contaminants that appear after drying.

The drying method, that is, the advantages of using pneumatic technology in the packaging process of the filling product. The wind turbine accumulates and accelerates the water flow of the airflow through the air knife. It can use the water flow to remove the water on the surface of the product.  Domestic wind knife blowing schemes with more domestic applications include: compressed air heat wind blowing dry, dried with high -voltage fan hot air, or blowing dry with high -pressure hot air fans (using high infrared tube heating heads).

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