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Air Drying System Works

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The working principle of the air drying system is based on the use of special equipment on the closed indoor side to send fresh air to the room, and then from the other side to the outdoor equipment, the principle of "new wind flow field" will be formed in the room to meet the indoor fresh air exchange. The need for gas. The implementation scheme is: using a high-pressure head, a large-flow, low-power DC high-speed brushless motor to drive the centrifugal fan, relying on mechanical strength to supply air from one side to the indoor, and the other side is forced to discharge to the outside by a specially designed exhaust air blower. A fresh air flow field is formed in the air drying system. At the same time as the air is supplied, the air entering the room is filtered, detoxified, sterilized, aerated, and warmed (winter). When the air exhausts through the air drying system, it exchanges heat with the fresh air, and most of the energy is recovered and sent back to the room through fresh air. By borrowing a wide range of clean spaces, the air entering the room is clean. In order to achieve the purpose of indoor air purification environment.

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